Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mr. Prime Minister

BARBARIANS at the VAULT ! Jerry Ackerman is noticing Dont say you didnt notice, Mr. Prime Minister. You could have just read the headline on the cover of the May 17,2008 The Economist. Or, the 18-page inside report. Or, you could have remembered your last year replacements of the advisors to the Bank of Canada, so that for the next seven years we will have a former investment banker from Wall Street in charge. Or, you could have taken some further responsibility for engaging the House of Commons finance committee to propose modifying the restrictions in the Bank of Canada Act that have helped maintain the value of the Canadian dollar. You might have even paused to read my presentation to that committee. It referred to  the gravity of present circumstances, with their sinister and far-reaching consequences. I called for cautious deliberation on the part of each decision-making body. I gave EIGHT reasons for saying that modifying the Bank of Canada Act would be wrong-headed in the extreme, and I included in full seven references. Why didnt you or your committee even acknowledge receiving this ?

Were you as astute a scholar of economics and finance as Preston Manning suggested in Mondays Globe and Mail, you would not have allowed this deliberate weakening of Canadas currency to slip into the June budget and to be passed without informed notice or opposition and to proceed into force. Doing so strongly suggests that the direction of Canadas future financial well-being has been farmed out to Goldman Sachs in Wall Street, Goldman Sachs in Washington and fellow banksters in Europe. Your call for an instant election appears designed to distract anyone paying attention to the fast-approaching deflation of value of all assets of Canadians. How is it that you earn the right to ask for further authority to help us govern ourselves ?


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