Thursday, December 15, 2005


It's December 2004

I have retired for the last time, in the place I intend to spend the rest of my days and nights. This IS the place where I underwent conception, infancy and adolescence.

But, it is not the place I have spent my adulthood. Here is a sequential list of geographical locations in which I considered myself resident: Ontario, New York,Alaska, New York again, Ontario again, Indiana, Alberta, Manitoba, NovaScotia, Ontario once more.

I have lived in London, England for four months (twice), and have visited a dozen islands in the Carribean. Also Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica. In Europe : Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania and what is now called Moldave (then part of the USSR.)

I have visited every mainland state of the USA and every Canadian province except for Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon , Nunavut and the NW Territories.

So, the question becomes, Why here, from now on?. I have my reasons, and they include much more than nostalgic sentiment (although I admit to twinges of that from time to time.)

I could have chosen Winnipeg, where 4 of my 5 offspring and their families live, (the most agreeable city I have experienced), or Annapolis Royal where I have several business colleagues and a few very special friends, and have been politically active.

Reasons #1, #2 : Air I can breathe (there is NO industry so NO smog), and lots of trees among the rock outcrops(lots of oxygen)

Water I can drink (coming from a limestone bed or a granite bedrock, it does not require chlorine chemicals to exceed the quality of water in every urban location.) By filtering and disinfecting the lake water with ultra violet, I have two sources of potable water.

Reason #3 : Family concerns. My disabled brother lives nearby. Neither he nor his wife can any longer drive, and the nearest villages and medical care are 10 miles and 30 miles distant. I mean to share this service with my nephew who also lives nearby.


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